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Vacation Activities

A great idea to motivate kids during vacation is to have them create their own Vacation Book. The can have several pages, on planing the things they will take on the trip and the activities they would like to do during their vacation days. 

Another idea would be to have a Travel Journal. Every day they would write down the things they did during the day. 

Their vacation diary will be a treasured memory book. I still look at the travel journals my brother and I kept on a long trip to California when we were little kids. The things we wrote and pasted in our journals bring back wonderful memories of what we did along the way. We still have caricatures drawn in Disneyland that we pasted in our journals and ticket stubs of Disneyland rides back when one had to buy a book of tickets for the rides.

Kids travel journals are a bit different than adult travel journals because there are activities in them to keep them interested, and space to write about where they've been. They can keep their ticket stubs and pamphlets in pockets of the journal, or you can make a pocket for them by gluing a half piece of heavy paper inside the back flap of the travel journal.

Check out these website for more fun ideas: 

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